Distributional Preferences and Political Behavior
Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming
Joint with Raymond Fisman and Shachar Kariv
Online Appendix
Earlier version (with a different title) appears as NBER Working Paper #20145

Does Africa Need a Rotten Kin Theorem?  Experimental Evidence from Village Economies
Review of Economic Studies, 2016, 83(1): 231-268

Joint with Owen Ozier
Online Appendix
Featured on the World Bank's Development Impact Blog
Earlier version appears as World Bank Policy Research Working Paper #6085

The Distributional Preferences of an Elite
Science, 2015, 349(6254)

Joint with Raymond Fisman, Shachar Kariv, and Daniel Markovits
Coverage in the popular press: 
Ars Technica: The elite don't hand out resources like the rest of us
(September 2015)
Slate: Why Income Inequality Isn't Going Anywhere (September 2015)
The Atlantic: Why Politicians Don't Level the Playing Field (September 2015)
Toronto Star: Study puts spotlight on elite's self-interest (September 2015)
New York Times: How a Quest by Elites Is Driving ‘Brexit’ and Trump (July 2016)

How Fair Shares Compare:  Experimental Evidence from Two Cultures
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2015, 118: 40-54

Experimental Instructions

You've Earned It:  Estimating the Impact of Human Capital on Social Preferences
Experimental Economics, 2015, 18(3): 385-407

Joint with Edward Miguel and Vera te Velde
Online Appendix

How Did Distributional Preferences Change During the Great Recession?
Journal of Public Economics, 2015, 128: 84-95

Joint with Raymond Fisman and Shachar Kariv
Online Appendix
Featured on "The Recession Made Us All More Selfish"
Earlier version appears as NBER Working Paper #20146

Using Economic Experiments to Measure Informal Institutions
In Institutions, Property Rights, and Economic Growth: the Legacy of Douglass North
Cambridge University Press, edited by Sebastian Galiani and Itai Sened, 2014

Equity vs. Efficiency vs. Self-Interest
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Experimental Instructions

Social Preferences and Fairness Norms as Informal Institutions:  Experimental Evidence
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Microfinance Games
American Economic Journal:  Applied Economics, 2010, 2(3):  60-95

Joint with Dean Karlan, Xavier Giné, and Jonathan Morduch

Working Papers:

A Firm of One's Own:  Experimental Evidence On Credit Constraints and Occupational Choice
World Bank Policy Resarch Working Paper #7977

Joint with Andrew Brudevold, Maddalena Honorati, and Owen Ozier
February 2017

How Soon Is Now?  Evidence of Present Bias from Convex Time Budget Experiments
NBER Working Paper #23558
Joint with Uttara Balakrishnan and Johannes Haushofer
Revised June 2017
Earlier version circulated as IZA Discussion Paper #9653 (December 2015)

The Impact of Violence on Individual Risk Preferences:  Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Revision requested by the Review of Economics and Statistics
Joint with Owen Ozier
Revised August 2017
Earlier versions:
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper #7440 (September 2015)
IZA Discussion Paper #9870 (April 2016)

Targeting, Discretionary Funding, and the Provision of Local Public Goods
Joint with Vivian Hoffmann, Michael Kremer, and Ryan Sheely
Online Appendix
Revised May 2016

Ongoing Impact Evaluations:

The Impact of Microfranchising on Young Women in Nairobi
Joint with Andrew Brudevold, Maddalena Honorati, and Owen Ozier
IZA GLM LIC Project Description
CEPR PEDL Project Description
Trial Registry Information

Encouraging Multilingual Early Reading as the Groundwork for Education
Joint with Lia Fernald, Patricia Kariger, Heather Knauer, and Owen Ozier
World Bank SIEF Project Description

Empowerment for Positive Living
Joint with Achyuta Adhvaryu, Dean Karlan, and Ed Mills
IPA Project Description
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